Prices are quoted on an individual basis.  The cost of repair is determined by the complexity and location of the dent, not just the size.  It is often difficult to access areas of vehicles where dents may be located and it is the accessing of the dent, as much as the complexity of the repair which influences cost.

We are happy to provide approximate quotes however, if photos of the dent to be repaired are supplied.

Examples of previous repairs carried out, with costs are shown below:

Example Dent Repair Job 1

IMG00054-20120105-1242_smallThis was a straight forward repair on a medium sized dent.  The tail light was removed to gain access to the damaged area and the customer was charged £80+ VAT.

Example Dent Repair Job 2

june 2013 014_smallThis was a more complex repair.  The dent is a similar size to the example shown above.  However the dent had caused the metal to stretch.   The repair was therefore more time consuming and the customer was charged £100+VAT.

Example Dent Repair Job 3

065_smallA very complex repair. The vehicle had been reversed into a sign and the panel had been stretched quite substantially. This repair had been quoted at £560 plus vat at the bodyshop as a new bootlid was required, we repaired this for less than half of that amount.

Example Dent Repair Job 4

photo (9)_smallThis repair is at the limit of what is achievable using paintless dent repair. The picture shows damage, which runs from the bottom of the door almost to the top; the panel had also been pushed over the side impact bar in the centre of the panel. The vehicle had been hit at a round about by another car at very low speed. The body shop had estimated the repair cost at £1250 +VAT as a new door skin would have been required with a repair time of 7 to 10 days. The customer was due to trade this vehicle in for a new car later that week, this is where we stepped in to help the situation! The vehicle was repaired in one day for less than the bodyshop quote and the customer picked his new car up 2 days later.

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